Book about Vices and a Truck

Ensemble of the Sixties as seen by Nicole Werner
Ensemble of the Sixties as seen by Nicole Werner

Is it possible to publish a book about a legendary Riva mahogany motorboat avoiding dull lifestyle stereotypes, even without the inevitable mention of Brigitte Bardot, Ira von Fürstenberg or Gunter Sachs?

Riva Tritone 258 in Workshop of Juergen Renken
Riva Tritone 258 in the workshop seen by Nicole Werner

Yes, says the Berlin publisher Konrad Boerries. On his behalf, I accompanied the 1 ½ year restoration by the Hamburg Riva-Boat-Restorer Juergen Renken together with photographer Nicole Werner. Based on my concept, a 224-page volume was produced with photographs of the last example of the Tritone series that are well worth seeing. The boat was long considered lost.

Sixties Ensemble

Rive Tritone 258 Dashboard

Riva Tritone 258 shows and describes the effort and result of in-depth craftsmanship. Starting with the disassembly of the boat, the repair, wood cleaning, staining and painting techniques, the re-chroming of the fittings by a north Italian specialist. It finishes with the restoration of the, from today’s perspective, crude American Chris Craft eight-cylinder by an dedicated mechanic in the Lueneburg Heathland.

The topic does not tolerate half measures

Riva Tritone 2598 book Review by Yachting & Style
Review in Magazine Yachting & Style
Box for the Riva Tritone 258 Book in subtle Stoppani bilge grey
Book box in subtle bilge grey

The book on the truck, which consists of the former Axel Springer yacht and a Magirus Deutz Post truck with matching Kaessbohrer trailer, costs 225 euros plus shipping in the a popular edition. The de Luxe Edition comes in a cedar wood box. Like the transport cradle and the bilge, it is painted grey with Stoppani’s original Interno Scafi paint and is slightly more expensive. Dimensions 51 x 40 x 12 cm, weight 10 Kg. Price on request.

“The Riva Tritone 258 culture book is terrific. Excitingly narrated and described down to the last detail: from the grain of the sandpaper to the finish, it made me relive many a boat overhaul. A great piece of work. Congratulations.” Anton Dreher senior, Rambeck boatyard Starnberg, June 2020

German edition ISBN: 978-3-9814808-0-1. English edition ISBN: 978-3-9814808-1-8. You can order the book Riva Tritone 258 in a slipcase here.

Photographs on this page by Nicole Werner.

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