Look and content of your website instantly decides if the visitor stays or goes. An unclear design and wishy-washy content stops the visit immediately. As in other areas of life, the first impression counts. Due to statistics is a matter three seconds.

Websites for crafts and trade

In consultation with you, I will propose and design a clearly structured internet presence that suits your goal and financial frame: From a static site with central information to a lively, regularly updated and growing website with current offers. Ideally complemented by a blog. Written in generally understandable language while maintaining the desirable depth of content.

Revise or rewrite an existing website?

Website Cashmere distributor Ezio Foradori

Sometimes it helps to revise existing texts and sharpen the language. Often the content has to be completely reworked and the texts need to be freshly drafted. I have already done this for various sectors: for the trade, crafts, commerce, mechanical engineering and yacht building.

Websites for mechanical engineering and yacht building

Website for powerboat brand Classic Coaster

In order to survive in the merciless Google competition, the right keywords in the right place are just as important as clever meta descriptions of all pages and articles. Should you have the necessary time and leisure to familiarise yourself with this special matter, you can do it yourself in days of work.

SEO and meta descriptions of your website

Swedesail Website
Swedesail Website with Blog

If you prefer to devote your attention and time to your actual work, it is clever to delegate this task. The question of how much effort is worthwhile for this should be examined individually depending on the industry, competition and your target group. You can spend a lot of time and money for limited success. Or you take appropriate and worthwhile measures.

Keeping your website fast and safe

Last but not least, a website of any kind needs a tailor-made privacy policy that is applicable at all. If you wish, you can get this from a specialist with whom I work. Here, too, it is advisable to get it right from the start.