Press work

Your offer is well received if cleverly presented in suitable media. I have done this for the craft, mechanical engineering and the boating industry: starting with discretion ahead of the upcoming product launch and the willingness to delve into your topic in such a way that the presentation is convincing both technically and verbally. This is my way of working and my professional mode for many years.

Sometimes I am asked to find a name for a new product. I will look for your unique selling proposition to be clearly presented in comparison to comparable products. Usually I am providing a short and a long version. If you do not have a press distribution list yet, I am setting one up one on this occasion as well.

It is common today to promise the moon. Every clear-thinking person knows that everything is impossible. Decision-makers with a considerable budget – whether it is a sound investment in mechanical engineering or a luxury item like a yacht – do not like to waste their time with exaggerations and puffery. That is why I stick to the facts: Projects are projects and I feel they should therefore be presented as such. Machines that have already been tested or yachts that have been launched are something else. Your client will quickly find out the difference between project and reality anyway.